My new house boy

November 21st, 2014

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Dominant secretary who loves big black cock and loves to tease and humiliate

November 18th, 2014

There is something here for everyone, for those of you who like to be humiliated about how small your cock is, this is for you. But if you just like watching a slutty secretary in the office at her desk fucking herself with a huge dildo then this is for you. Watch as I pull my panties down and spread my stocking covered legs. You get to see me spread nice and wide while ramming this huge black cock into my wet shaved pussy. You can see just how wet black cock makes me. Have you got a bitchy slut in your office who loves to tease? I bet she also loves big black cock and fantasizes about fucking them while using big dildo’s at her desk. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Would you like to lick my ass?

November 15th, 2014

Would you like to lick my ass? Well I have no panties on and just a pair of fully fashioned stockings, a long woolen dress and a pair of black boots. Now when you are licking my ass clean, I do not expect you to look at my pussy, is that clear? You can stick your tongue deep inside my ass and if commanded you can also clean my pussy out with your tongue. Now what do you think of these fully fashioned stockings and suspender belt I am wearing? I bet the site of me in stockings and boots is making your cock very hard. Well I hope it is, but I don’t expect you to be wanking when you are licking and sniffing my ass. Do you understand? So would you like to run your tongue up my fully fashioned stockings, up over my metal clasps on my suspender belt and deep inside my ass and pussy or not? I do hope you like to please a lady and have no limits on how to please a lady. Well what I love is a man who knows what his tongue and mouth is for. A man who can lick an ass and pussy as instructed. Is that you? You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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Punishing my sub in the gym

November 12th, 2014

OK, no stockings here, but this is a nice movie if you like clothed woman with naked men and some punishing and of course some foot worship. I get this boy in the gym and give him a good work out. I make him watch porn films while on the tread mill, every time he gets hard I whack him with a riding crop. Then I have him doing sit ups and whack his legs again. Then I make him do push ups while whacking him, then push ups into my sweaty crutch sniffing as he goes down. When I think this slave as had a good and punishing enough work out, I make him suck and lick my feet clean. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

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